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Create groups and share photos privately.

Cloud sharing made easy!


Quick Group Setup

Add or Invite friends directly from your contact list. Your phone number is your ID which makes it simpler to connect with friends.

Ease of Sharing

Share high quality pictures and videos with everyone in your group instead of sending to individuals.

Unlimited Groups

Grupix is a service that lets you share without any limits. Create as many groups as you want with as many people as you like!

QR codes

Each group has a unique QR code. Scanning this QR code gives you instant access to the group. This comes in handy especially for larger group events or activities.

Create Groups on the Cloud!

“The idea for Grupix is to provide a secure medium for picture sharing with people who matter. Our goal is to have people exchange pictures from all their events and activities or just among their friends and family. The simplicity of our service is embodied in the design of our app. Create group from your contact list and directly share and receive pictures from multiple people without inconvenience.”
– Team Grupix


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